Auburn Police Department Administration

Administration consists of the Chief of Police, Deputy Chief of Police, Professional Standards Sergeant, Executive Assistant and Administrative Assistant. This executive division is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the financial, staffing, training, community and overall efficiency of the department.

Chief of Police - Jason D. Moen
207.333.6650 X2050

Deputy Chief of Police - Timothy A. Cougle
207.333.6650 X2051

Professional Standards Sergeant - Sergeant Eric Audette
207.333.6650 X2074

Executive Assistant/Grant Writer - Rita Beaudry
207.333.6650 X2052

Administrative Assistant - Chandra Osgood
207.333.6650 X2034

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Support Services

Criminal Investigations

Accreditation Manager

Liz Allen is the Communications & Compliance Manager for the City of Auburn. She serves as the Accreditation Manager for the Auburn Police Department. She can be reached at 207.333.6650 X2070 or