Boards & Committees

The City of Auburn has several boards, committees and sub-committees, which are staffed by resident volunteers, city officials and various employees. Complete the application below to apply for one of Auburn's boards or committees. If you prefer to download the application, click here

Board/Committee Application

  • Please complete this application for consideration to serve on a board or committee for the City of Auburn.

    Submission of an application does not imply or guarantee an appointment. The City reserves the right to appoint committee members as vacancies arise and to perform background checks or any other necessary investigations on applicants. Incomplete applications and those which list more than one committee will not be accepted.

    The City Council strives to promote membership and, by practice, will attempt to limit the number of boards or committees upon which any one person will serve. The City Council also strives to maintain balance of ward distribution on all boards, commissions, or committees.

    Thank you for your interest and willingness to serve our community. The giving of your time is commendable and appreciated. Without people like you coming forward, our community would not be as strong, as vibrant, or as great as it is. On behalf of all of us at the City of Auburn, we hope your volunteer experience is rewarding and we thank you for being an outstanding citizen!

    If you have questions about this process or about board/committee service, please contact Susan Clements-Dallaire, Auburn City Clerk at 207-333-6601 X1126 or