Anniversary Park - formerly known as "Little Andy Park" - is located off Pulsifer Street in New Auburn next to the New Auburn Social Club and Rolly’s Diner. It lies to the west of the South Bridge and at the mouth of the Little Androscoggin River.

Although small, Anniversary Park is a popular destination for community members and the Androscoggin Land Trust. Every year, volunteers gather to help with the Annual Androscoggin River Clean-Up. The hand-carry boat launch makes it a great site for people to gather for a day of volunteer work or paddling. 

Plans are underway to transform and improve Anniversary Park in 2019 as part of the New Auburn Village Center Plan

The plan, which focuses on the in-town area of New Auburn, with multiple phases of improvements to the riverfront between Mill and Broad streets, includes plans to relocate the beloved "Bells of St. Louis Church" to Anniversary Park. The sale of commemorative bricks (to be installed in the park) will support the construction of a bell tower to display the bells. To purchase a commemorative brick, visit the Auburn 150th anniversary celebration website: