Part of the Sustainability & Natural Resource Management Board

The Sustainability Working Group will be a standing working group of the Auburn Sustainability and Natural Resource Management Commission. The mission of the Sustainability Working Group is to assist citizens of Auburn in making Auburn a Sustainable Community in the domains of environment, government operations, and culture. 

The Sustainability Working Group:

  • Through application of existing research and data acquired at the local level shall assist the city in developing policies and actions in sustainability that are aligned with the state’s climate focus areas: modernization of buildings, transportation, emission reductions, environmental protection, healthy and
    resilient communities, investment in climate-ready infrastructure, and engagement of our citizens 
  • Shall assist City staff in identifying and securing grant funding to supplement city budget outlays for sustainability work
  • Shall work with the city staff and community partners to develop outcome metrics to measure the effectiveness of sustainability policies and actions. For example: do participation rates for curbside recycling or food composting increase with new recycling/compost bins and a targeted community education program
  • Shall collaborate with other community groups, the city and quasi-governmental groups to share resources and avoid duplication of efforts in pursuit of shared sustainability goals
  • Shall assist the city in budget planning to fund a Sustainability Manager position overseeing development of an Auburn Climate Action Plan, as well as current/future sustainability initiatives. Assist the city and the Sustainability Manager with the development of the Auburn Climate Action Plan


Silver Moore-Leamon

Camille Parrish 

Sharon Benoit 

Ralph Harder 

Rebecca Lloyd

Timothy McLeod

Ben Lounsbury


Meeting Agendas & Minutes

10-31-19 10-31-19
11-07-19 11-07-19
11-14-2019 11-14-2019
11-26-2019 11-26-2019
12-19-2019 12-19-2019


Recycling Committee Update to City Council 12/2/2019

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