Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is responsible for the overall protection of lives and property, maintaining law and order and responding to requests for service (emergency and non-emergency). The Patrol Division enforces all criminal laws that are mandated by Federal, State or Municipal Government. Patrol consists of two Lieutenants; eight Sergeants; and twenty-four Patrol Officers.

To reach any of the officers listed, simply dial 207.333.6650, then enter the extension of the person you are trying to reach.

[If you do not see the name of the officer you are trying to reach, try another division using the black buttons at the bottom of the page.]


Patrol Watch Commanders

Dial 207.333.6650 X2060 for the Watch Commander on Duty

Patrol Team A:

Lt. Benjamin Quinnell

207.333.6650 X2060

Patrol Team B:

Lt. Jason Moore


207.333.6650 X6363

Patrol Team C:

Lt. Steven Gosselin


207.333.6650 X6368

Patrol Team D:

Lt. Scott Watkins


207.333.6650 X6388


Patrol Supervisors

Dial 207.333.6650 X2061 for the Patrol Supervisor on Duty

Patrol Team A:

Sgt. Kristopher Bouchard

207.333.6650 X6352

Patrol Team B:

Sgt. Nicholas Gagnon

207.333.6650 X6355

Patrol Team C:

Sgt. Nathan Westleigh

207.333.6650 X6371

Patrol Team D:

Sgt. Matthew Elie

207.333.6650 X6366

Patrol Officers

Dial 207.333.6650 then enter the officer's extension


Officer Daniel Chabot

E-mail  |  X6380

Ofc. Thomas Ellis

E-mail  |  X6366

Ofc. Kenneth Jones

E-mail  |  X6351

Ofc. Joseph Miville

E-mail  |  X6387

Ofc. Bryan Parker

E-mail  |  X6361


Officer Travis Barnies

E-mail  |  X6383

Officer Tyler Barnies

E-mail  |  X6354

Officer Ryan Jones

E-mail  |  X6365

Ofc. Timothy Robinson

E-mail  |  X6384

Ofc. Logan Rossignol

E-mail  |  X6393

Ofc. William Soper

E-mail  |  X6374


Officer John Chamberlain
Email  |  X2373

Ofc. Jason Croft

E-mail  |  X6362

Ofc. Sergio Martins

E-mail  |  X6397

Ofc. Greg Pealatere

E-mail  |  X6394


Officer Derek Drouin

E-mail  |  X6360

Officer Sean Dyer

E-mail  |  X6376

Ofc. Andrew Jarman

E-mail  |  X6381

Ofc. Isaac Labonte

E-mail  |  X6396

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