BID #2021-021 Market and Feasibility Study   |  Addendum 1 - Q & A

Bid #2021-020 2021 MPI Project- Gracelawn Road-Bid #2021-020  |  Addendum 1  |  Addendum 2  |  BID TAB

Bid #2021-019 Sopers Mill Road Culvert Replacement  BID DOCUMENTS  |  DRAWINGS  |  ADDENDUM 1  |  ADDENDUM 2  |  BID TAB

2021 Reclamation Project  |  ADDENDUM 1  |  BID TAB  |  BID TAB 8.5x11

Bid #2021-015  Evaluation of Ordinances Applicable to the Protection of the Lake Auburn Watershed

Bid #2021-016  2021 Resurfacing Project  Project Addendum 1  BID TAB

Bid #2021-013 Sale of Tax Acquired Properties  NO BIDS RECEIVED

Bid# 2021-012 Senior Center Audiovisual System Project  BID TAB

Bid # 2021-010 Real Estate Broker Services

Bid #2021-011 Softball Field Fence Project  BID TAB

Bid #2021-009 Sale of Tax Acquired Properties  BID TAB

Bid #2021-007 Purchase and Installation of a Walk-in Cooler/Freezer

Bid #2021-008  Boys and Girls Club Roof Replacement Project  BID TAB

Bid #2021-006 2020 Second Street Raised Crosswalk Project  BID TAB

Bid #2021-005  Winter Sand  BID TAB

Bid #2021-004  Dual Axle Dump Truck with Plow Gear  BID TAB

Bid #2021-003  Single Axle Dump Truck with Plow Gear  BID TAB

Bid #2021-002  ¾ Ton Four Wheel Drive Pick-Up Truck with Plow  BID TAB

Bid #2021-001  Two Wheel Drive 19000 lb. GVW- One Ton Cab and Chassis  BID TAB

Bid #2020-028  Recreation Management Software  BID TAB

Bid #2020-027 2020 Reconstruction Project   ADDENDUM 1  BID TAB

Bid #2020-025 Trench Paving Bid   BID TAB

Bid #2020-024 Herbicide Spraying Bid   BID TAB

Bid #2020-026 Cemetery Mowing Bid   BID TAB

Bid #2020-022  Centerline Striping      BID TAB  

Bid #2020-023  Crosswalk/Arrow-Marking    BID TAB

Bid #2020-018 2020 Pumper Apparatus – Bid #2020-018   Winning bid: Allegiance Fire & Rescue $633,192

Bid #2020-021  Tax Acquired Properties- Bid #2020-021       BID TAB

Bid #2020-019 2020 MPI Poland Road Project   ADDENDUM 1  ADDENDUM 2  BID TAB

Bid #2020-011  Turner Street Sidewalk Project  PROJECT PLANS  ADDENDUM 1  BID TAB

Bid #2020-020 2020 Stetson Road Reconstruction Project-Bid  ADDENDUM 1  BID TAB

Bid #2020-017  2020 Reclamation Project  PROJECT PLAN  Addendum 1  Pre-bid Sign-in Sheet  BID TAB

Bid #2020-016  Police Uniform Cleaning  

Bid # 2020-015  Mechanics Row Parking Garage Phase 5   BID DRAWINGS  ADDENDUM #1  BID TAB

Bid #2020-013  City of Auburn Renewable Energy  |  Answers to bidder questions

Bid #2020-014  Snow Plowing & Removal   BID TAB

Bid #2020-012  MPI Overlay Project   Addendum 1   |   Addendum 2   |   Pre-Bid Sign-in Sheet  BID TAB

Bid #2020-002  Central Fire Station Boiler Replacement Project 

Bid #2020-001  New Auburn Village Center Redevelopment – Phase 1 Project  Plan Set  ADDENDUM 1  ADDENDUM 2  BID TAB

Bid #2020-007  Auburn Police Locker Room Renovations Project  ADDENDUM  BID TAB

Bid #2020-009  Four Wheel Drive 16,000 lb. GVW-One Ton Dump Truck with Plow & Sander  BID TAB

Bid #2020-008  2019 Crack Seal Program   BID TAB

Bid #2020-003  Auburn Public Works Roof Replacement  ADDENDUM  BID TAB

Bid #2020-006  One Ton 4x4 Dump Truck  BID TAB

Bid #2020-005  Winter Sand  BID TAB

Bid #2020-004  Chevrolet Tahoe Police Pursuit Vehicles  BID TAB


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