A message from Police Chief Phillip L. Crowell, Jr.

"proper policies and procedures are in place to ensure that enforcement in Auburn is justly done."

Residents of Auburn;

It is my honor to welcome you to our website. It is my sincere hope that you will consider engaging in some of the many opportunities our city and our department provides. I am proud to lead this amazing organization and I am fortunate to have women and men who are passionate, committed, and dedicated to serving you with valor.

If you watched or read any type of media recently, you heard terms like,policing the police,” “a call for change,” “law enforcement warrior problem,” and, from President Obama, “the moment is now for law enforcement reform.” These comments were all made in the wake of a tragedy or protest in small towns and large cities across our country. I believe that every profession has the opportunity for reform, including law enforcement, and it is something that should be done consistently.

I want you to know that this is done on a regular basis here in Auburn. It is engrained in what we do every day; it is part of our culture. We are fortunate to have been nationally accredited for nearly ten years. It is this commitment to excellence that ensures that your police department is following the best practices for law enforcement. It doesn’t mean we are perfect, but it should instill in you a level of pride and confidence that proper policies and procedures are in place to ensure that enforcement in Auburn is justly done.

Unfortunately, words like poverty, social injustice, education, drug addiction, food insecurity, broken families, and physical/sexual/emotional abuse do not appear in the headlines as often as they should. These are the words that drive the demand for enforcement. I believe that working collaboratively to address these issues will bring about the biggest change. I am challenging every citizen to mobilize with us to bring about a positive change in our community. Your police department stands ready to unite together to address these issues.

As you click through these pages, please consider how you will mobilize with us. We have volunteer opportunities, citizen police academies, neighborhood watch groups, family and safety events, community service opportunities and much more. At the very least, connect with us through our many social media outlets to learn more about who we are and what we do.

On behalf of the women and men of the Auburn Police Department, it is our honor to protect our community. We especially wish to thank the City Manager, Mayor, and City Council who support us so we can fulfill our mission.

Phillip L. Crowell, Jr.
Chief of Police