Plans & Projects

The City of Auburn Planning and Permitting Department oversees several plans and projects. This includes completed studies that provide guidance in the planning process, as well as pending studies and development efforts.

Comprehensive Plan

The 2021 Update of the City’s Comprehensive Plan serves as a guide for the decisions the City must make about growth, development, redevelopment, and change over the coming decade. The Plan continues the City’s established long range planning process, and creates a framework for managing future development. In many cases, the recommendations continue the basic policy directions set by the previous Plan. In other cases, the 2010 Plan addresses emerging issues or provides a fresh look at ongoing issues, such as housing and development of walkable neighborhoods. 

The City of Auburn is looking to begin work on a new Comprehensive Plan in 2025.

Lake Auburn Watershed Community Discussions

In an effort to shape the future development and protection of Lake Auburn and the watershed district, the Planning staff is making and effort to bring together the parties with interest in this particular area together to brainstorm and workshop several topics.  


Lewiston Falls Project License Renewal

For the most up-to-date information about proposed site plans and development projects, please refer to the Planning Board Agendas and Meeting Minutes

Past Plans and Projects