Plans & Projects

The City of Auburn Department of Economic & Community Development oversees several plans and projects. This includes completed studies that provide guidance in the planning process, as well as pending studies and development efforts.

Court Street Improvements

Androscoggin Transportation Resource Center (ATRC) and the City of Auburn are undertaking a Transportation Study of Court Street from Lewiston to Goff Street and Turner Street from Court Street to Hampshire Street. The Objective of the Study is:

To make bicycle, pedestrian and parking improvements along Court Street between the Androscoggin River and Goff Street, and Turner Street between Court Street and Hampshire Street while addressing area traffic congestion management. This project will identify feasible mobility improvement alternatives for bicycle, ADA and pedestrian safety, transit, parking access and circulation, and overall traffic through put of the Court Street corridor, between the Androscoggin River and the Goff Street/Court Street intersection, as well as along Turner Street from Court Street to Hampshire Street.

The Expected Outcomes of the Study includes:

  1. Problem identification and statements based on analysis;
  2. Summary of current traffic generators impacting design considerations;
  3. Alternatives analysis and recommendations regarding: lane configurations & intersection management; parking and land use access; transit access; and, bicycle and pedestrian safety enhancements.

There will be 3 public meetings on the Court Street Alternatives analysis. Meeting 1 will be held on August 1 at 6:00PM in the Community Room (2nd floor) of Auburn Hall.

Court Street Improvements Study Meeting Minutes 06-14-2019
Consultant presentation on Court Streets conditions, issues and an overview of the scope of work and timeline

Comprehensive Plan

The 2010 update of the city's comprehensive plan serves as a guide for the decisions the city must make about growth, development and change over the next decade. The plan continues the city's established long-range planning process, and creates a framework for managing future development. In many cases, the recommendations of the 2010 plan continue the basic policy directions set by the previous plan. In other cases, the 2010 plan addresses emerging issues or provides a fresh look at ongoing issues.
Status: In use as a guide for the city. Presented to City Council April 2011.

Study to Support and Enhance Auburn’s Agricultural and Resource Sector

Rural Auburn has a unique Agricultural and Resource Protection (AGRP) zoning district, which has been in place since the early 1960’s that contains over 40% of the city’s land area, or over 20,000 acres. The purpose and intent of the AGRP zoning regulations has been to manage development and to promote food, agricultural, timber and natural resource production and uses. The AGRP zoning regulations have significantly restricted development for the last 50 plus years. Today however, the nature and trends of farming and food production have drastically changed. In response, Auburn desires to strengthen its natural resource-based economy (farming, timber, food businesses, etc) and better integrate this sector into community planning and City-wide priorities. In order to do so, the City requires a better understanding rural land owner needs and goals; the identification of opportunities for additional support and/or investment, and greater understanding of existing barriers and potential solutions and strategies. Status: Underway as of December 2017.

New Auburn Village Center Plan

This plan focuses on the in-town area of New Auburn, proposing multiple phases of improvements to the riverfront between Mill and Broad streets. Status: Concept outlined as part of the 2010 Comprehensive Plan update; implementation plan completed in 2016. Implementation is underway.  Click to view most recent updates as of April 20, 2018.

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This is the Auburn Downtown Master Plan, created in 1998, which outlines the city’s goals and objectives for the downtown as well as a five-year implementation strategy.
Status: In use as development guide for downtown vision. 

Joint Land Use Study for Mt. Apatite Recreation Area

The Joint Land Use Study between Mount Apatite Recreation Area and the Maine Army National Guard Training Facility located off Garfield Road in Auburn seeks to ensure the continued operational utility of the military installation and to support the appropriate public uses of the Mount Apatite Recreation area now and in the future, via amendments to the comprehensive plan and land use ordinance.
Status: Presented to City Council in June 2014.