Planning, Permitting & Code division

Eric Cousens  |  Director of Planning & Permitting

207.333.6601 ext. 1154  | 

The Planning, Permitting and Code Division administers land use, building, housing, plumbing and electrical codes and oversees the development and implementation of improvement plans for various areas of the city. On the permitting and compliance front, we aim to help developers complete their projects on time and in compliance with State codes and local ordinances.

The City of Auburn has a long history of planning, including our first Comprehensive Plan in 1919. Maintaining and improving the quality of life in Auburn through planning, zoning infrastructure, accommodating all modes of transportation, recreational opportunities, protection of residential neighborhoods, code compliance and creating economic opportunities are all high priorities.



 Hours:  Monday thru Friday, 8:30am to 4:00pm



Amanda Kyajohnian

Administrative Assistant

207.333.6601 ext. 1158


Tammy Thatcher

Information Assistant

207.333.6601 ext. 1133


Megan Norwood

City Planner II

207.333.6601 ext. 1155


Cristy Bourget


207.333.6601 ext. 1162


Charlie DeAngelis

City Electrician

207.333.6601 ext. 1152


Dan Brown

Electrician I

207.333.6601 ext. 1153



CEO/Building Inspector/LPI

207.333.6601 ext. 1160



Kris Beaudoin

Code Enforcement Officer

207.333.6601 ext. 1150


John A. Blais

Urban Development Specialist

207.333.6601 Ext.1334