Part of the Sustainability & Natural Resource Management Board

The Natural Products Working Group will be a standing working group of the Sustainability and Natural Resource Management Board. The purpose of Auburn's Natural Products Working Group shall be to proactively build a stronger natural resource economy in Auburn and to address the ongoing needs of protecting and promoting farms, farmland, woodlots, and natural resources based industries.

The Natural Products Working Group shall:

  • Work to protect soils of statewide importance
  • Promote local resource based economies
  • Undertake education and community outreach to promote local commodities
  • Provide assistance and contacts for local agricultural and resource based commercial initiatives at the state and federal levels
  • Raise funds and develop grant applications to support the goals of promoting natural products in Auburn.
  • Review and provide recommendations concerning solar installations in AGRP zoned areas
  • Promote local food supplies and address local hunger issues


Kathy Shaw

David Griswold

David Bell

Katherine Boss

Stanwood Gray

Pam Rousseau

William Sylvester 

Ed Michaud - Associate, non-voting member

Christopher Carson - Associate, non-voting member

City staff liaison: Jay Brenchick

2022 Summary

2021 Agriculture Committee Annual Report to Council

Agriculture Committee Emergency Executive Order 01-05022020 FINAL REPORT

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Jumping Worms Presentation

View the slideshow presentation given on August 30, 2022 during a meeting of the Natural Products & Agriculture Working Group. Lynne Holland, a Horticulture Professional from the UMaine Cooperative Extension, talked about the threat about this invasive species and what is being done to build awareness and prevent its spread.


BACKYARD POLLINATOR HABITATS: It's easier than you think!

Join the Auburn Conservation Working Group for a free webinar on the importance of providing pollinantor habitats and great ways to bring nature into your yard. Special guest will be Lynne Holland, Horticulture Professional and Master Gardener Volunteer Coordinator from the University of Maine Cooperative Extension.  REGISTER HERE

Knockout Browntail Webinar

Winter/early spring is a great time to fight Browntail, as nests can be easily spotted, clipped & destroyed. The Auburn Conservation Working Group, Lewiston-Auburn Community Forest Board, and the City of Auburn recently presented a webinar on Browntail moth and other invasive pests.

Presentation by Allison Kanoti, Director of the Maine Forest Service Forest Health and Monitoring Division.

Watch the webinar on our YouTube channel: CLICK HERE.

Auburn's agriculture hub brings Ag Zone data to life! Through the magic of GIS technology, the City of Auburn is able to share data in a whole new way. Using "ArcGIS Hub," Auburn has created a data portal through which we can share information, mapping, reports, and much more. Spend some time exploring Auburn's Agriculture & Resource Protection Zone Hub today!  

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