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Chapter 46 - Permitting Guidelines, Design and Construction Standards

Prior to the issuance of a sitework permit:

A) A cost estimate for all site work (excluding structures permitted by the Building Inspections Division) shall be provided to Engineering from which the amount of the performance bond will be determined.

B) A complete set of approved plans on mylar shall be provided to Engineering.

C) A performance bond, irrevocable letter of credit, or escrow shall be posted in an amount to be based on the City Engineer's cost estimate. Appropriate language will be provided.

D) An inspection fee equal to 2% of the City Engineer's cost estimate shall be paid to the City.

E) Written notice shall be submitted to Engineering.

The notice shall include:

1) Type of improvement(s)
2) Description of and amount of work to be completed
3) Starting date
4) Duration of construction
5) Construction schedule

F) Within 15 days of receipt of the plans, bond, inspection fee, and written notice, a written Notice to Proceed (sitework permit) shall be issued.

G) Upon project completion and as a condition of the release of the performance bond:

1) an accurate set of as-built plans in digital format (.dwg and/or .dxf) shall be provided, and

2) a defect bond equal to 10% of the amount of the performance bond shall be provided. The term for the defect bond shall be one year plus one month, and it is permissible to include defect bond language and provisions in the performance bond.

Chapter 60 - Zoning Ordinance


Please note: That Chapter 60 and Chapter 46 require that revisions of an approved plan must be received and approved by the City before implementation. 

City Inspection of Required Improvements