2023 Multi-Unit Valuation Adjustment

If you own a multi-unit property in Auburn, you recently received a letter in the mail stating that your valuation may be adjusted. Here are some FAQs on this topic...

The Auburn Assessing Department is currently analyzing sales and valuations of all properties in the City. At this time, we are analyzing the data and have not made any conclusions. 

The Assessing Department constantly monitors market trends and assessments of all properties. Over time, adjustments to various classes of properties are made to ensure equity. In the past three years, other classes of properties have been adjusted in response to market trends. Preliminary data indicates adjustments to the multi-units may be needed this year. 

Analyzing the data and determining if a valuation adjustment is warranted will take at least another couple of months and tax commitment is scheduled for late July. Due to time constraints, we will not be able to send out notices prior to commitment. We will do our best to update the website on our progress.

Taxpayers who filed an application and are qualified to stabilize their taxes will not see an increase in their tax bill. Taxes will remain the same as they were on the 2022 tax bill.