Sustainability & Natural Resource Management Board 

The purpose of the SNRB shall be to advance Auburn’s commitment to sustainability by serving as a research, advisory and advocacy group on environmental issues and natural resource management within the City. The SNRB is created with the purpose of improving the relationship and communication between the City Council, existing committees, and staff with the aim of creating more effective organization of city sustainability efforts.

This board consists of six members, including representatives of the city council, planning board, and four standing working groups on agriculture, conservation, the community forest, and sustainability. The planning board chair and the mayor may either serve on this board or appoint a representative to serve as members of the SNRB for a term of two years. The standing working groups on agriculture, conservation, the community forest, and sustainability shall nominate one representative each for approval by the Council; these members shall serve staggered three-year terms. There shall be one ex officio member of the board, consisting of the city manager or his/her designee. ORDINANCE


David Griswold, Secretary [term expiration April 1, 2025]

Ralph Harder [term expiration April 1, 2024]

Chris Carson, Chair [term expiration April 1, 2024]

Jane Costlow [term expiration April 1, 2023]

Leroy Walker, City Council representative

Stacey LeBlanc, Planning Board representative 

Phil Crowell, City Manager, Staff representative 

SUSTAINABLE AUBURN STORYMAP  |  Learn about Auburn's commitment to being a cleaner, greener city.

CLIMATE RESOLVE  |  Passed by the Auburn City Council on December 6, 2021

Agendas & Minutes





2-23-2023 - Canceled







4-13-2023 Pending Approval