Stormwater pollution is the leading cause of water quality problems in the State of Maine. When rain falls onto any surface, and runs into catch basins, streams, or rivers it carries pollution along with it.  These pollutants include pet waste, oil, fertilizers, trash and sediment. 

The City of Auburn is working to prevent stormwater pollution by preparing a five-year Stormwater Management Plan.  Every year, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) requires that the city reports their progress in implementing the plan and updates the plan to better protect stormwater. Each year annual reports provide an updated five-year plan and describe the progress made for the year.

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General Permit Discharge/Storm Report - 2013-2018

Spring Lawn Maintenance Tips:

1. Mow High – 3” or more for vigorous roots and to shade out weeds
2. Let the Clippings Lie - Do not sweep leaves or grass clippings into the street where they can wash into the storm drain
3. Reduce/Eliminate Fertilizer Use – Lawns older than 10 years need only grass clippings. Younger lawns need nitrogen. Look for 10-0-0 on the bag!
4. Reduce Herbicides – If you have weeds, aerate annually and power rake
5. Reduce Pesticides – If you have pests, visit for advice on how to deal with them
6. Water Wisely:
   a. Do Not Overwater: Excessive runoff wastes both water and chemicals you may have added to your lawn
   b. Direct downspouts to a depressed area or garden bed so the water soaks into your yard instead of rushing out to the street

ROAD SALT USAGE: Auburn's Best Management Practices