Public Works FAQs

The following are frequently asked questions related to Public Works:

The city ordinance requires a Fill Permit for any soil disturbance of 10 or more cubic yards. The Engineering staff, to determine what issues, if any, need to be addressed prior to approval of the permit, will review the permit application.

The State of Maine Statutes outline standards for permitted filling in and adjacent to wetlands. There are several factors in determining what permits may be required. The best thing to do is to complete a Fill Permit application from the city Engineering Department. After review of the site, the Engineering staff will provide further assistance.

On lots with less than 75 feet of street frontage, city ordinance allows only one (1) entrance. If the frontage exceeds 75 feet two (2) driveways are permitted, provided each driveway is no more than 20 feet wide. A drive opening permit is required to alter or add driveways.

Roads are then placed within the city’s capital improvement plan for their needed repairs or reconstruction. To check the status of your road on the city’s plan you can contact the City Manager’s office or the City Engineering department.

The City assigns all street numbers in compliance with the State Enhanced 911 Addressing guidelines. Numbers are assigned using a logical and sequential process so that emergency personnel such as fire or police may find your location. Contact the Addressing Officer at (207) 333-6601, Ext 1138 with questions regarding addresses.

A driveway permit is required for the construction of all new driveways accessing City Streets unless the driveway will be included in the construction of a project that has received site plan review and approval by the Planning Board. A permit is also required for any modification of the width, grade, or number of openings of an existing driveway within the City right of way.

The Engineering Department performs a condition survey of the hard surface street inventory (asphalt and concrete). Various factors are used in evaluating each street, such as, cracking, potholes, condition of joints and overall riding quality. A survey is done at the same time to determine the condition rating of the curb and gutter section as well.

If the construction, reconstruction or repair of a new or existing driveway or sidewalk is in the City owned right-of-way (generally + 25’ from center of roadway) a street excavation & drive opening permit and inspection are required. It is also required that an insured and bonded contractor perform the construction of the driveway or sidewalk work. Property owners may perform the construction for sidewalk work