Current Vacancies

The City of Auburn has several boards and committees that citizens can volunteer to be a member of.  Our current Board and Committee vacancies are listed below:

Auburn Housing Authority - 1 vacancy with a term expiration of 10/01/2028

Auburn - Lewiston Airport Board - 1 vacancy with a term expiration of 01/01/2026

Auburn Sewer District Board of Trustees - 1 vacancy with a term expiration of 03/01/2025

City Council Student Representative - 2 appointments

Parks & Recreation Advisory Board - 4 vacancies, three with term expirations of 10/01/2025, and one with a term expiration of 10/01/2024

Registration Appeals Board Chair - 1 vacancy with a 4 year term

Regulatory Advisory Board - 5 vacancies, two with term expirations of 6/1/2025, and three with term expirations of 6/1/2026

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We are currently accepting applications for the Boards and Committees listed above. Please submit applications to the Office of the City Clerk. The deadline to submit your application for this round of appointments is 4:00 pm on Monday, May 1, 2023. If you have any questions, please contact Susan Clements-Dallaire, City Clerk, at 333-6601, extension 1126 or via email at;