How to Make a FOAA Request for Municipal Records

FOAA requests must be submitted in writing either by emailing or via regular mail. Please include your mailing address, email address and phone number with your request. While our City Staff are happy to answer questions about our FOAA program and/or help you formulate your request over the phone (207.333.6601 ext. 1126), we cannot accept FOAA requests by phone. Additionally, we also cannot accept FOAA requests via our website’s Request It or Report It features.

Please submit your request via regular mail to:

City of Auburn
Attn: FOAA Officer
60 Court Street
Auburn, Maine 04210

Please mark your envelope with the notation, “FOAA Request.”

  • Our ability to respond expeditiously is dependent upon the clarity of your request. Please provide as much descriptive information as possible. List the types of documents that you want and the timeframe of the documents that should govern our search.
  • The FOAA allows agencies to charge requesters for FOAA search, review and copying services.
  • Please remember to give us a phone number in your request letter that we can use if we have questions about your request.
  • Several characteristics of the FOAA should be kept in mind. As a general rule, agencies are not required to create records in order to respond to FOAA requests. Nor are agencies required to answer questions posed as FOAA requests. Please remember that the FOAA pertains only to existing records and that requests cannot be made for "future" records not yet created.

For Maine's full FOAA text: