Looking for Volunteers

  • September 04, 2019

The City of Auburn is looking to fill several vacancies on various Boards & Committees. The deadline to submit your application to the City Clerk is 4:30 PM on Monday, October 7,  2019. Please click on the link below to apply.
Below are the current vacancies. 
Age Friendly Community Committee - 2 vacancies - one with a term expiration of 6/1/2021, and one with a term expiration of 6/1/2022
Representatives from the Auburn Public Library, Area Agency on Aging, Seniors Plus, Lewiston Auburn Transit Committee, Auburn Housing Authority, Community Based Senior Organizations and the Auburn School Department are encouraged to apply to serve on the Age FRiendly Community Committee.
Auburn Housing Authority - 1 vacancy with a term expiration of 10/01/2024 
Board of Assessment Review - 5 vacancies - 2 full member and three alternate positions. The full member positions have a term expiration of 10/01/2024. For the alternate positions, 2 have a term expiration of 10/1/2022,  and 1 has a term expirations of 10/1/2020.
Cable TV Advisory Committee - 2 vacancies - one with a term expiration of 6/1/2021, one with a term expiration of 6/1/2020
CDBG Loan Committee - 2 vacancies, both with 10/01/2022 term expirations
Citizens Advisory Committee - Several vacancies, 3 year terms
Ethics Committee - 2 vacancies - two alternate positions both with term expirations of 1/1/2022
Parks & Recreation Advisory Board - 3 vacancies, each with a term expiration of 10/01/2021
Recycling Ad-hoc Committee - 2 vacancies, all with a 6 month term (term may be extended to 12 months)
Sewer District Board of Trustees - 1 vacancy with a term expiration of 3/1/2022
Zoning Board of Appeals - 2 vacancies, 1 full member and 1 associate member position, both with term expirations of 10/01/2022
For more information, please click on the link below.