AFD Event Request

  • The Auburn Fire Department welcomes requests for the firefighters to participate in events in the City of Auburn. Because of our busy schedule, we ask that you give us a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice to participate. Also, because of time constraints, we must prioritize events which provide us the best opportunity to directly educate citizens of Auburn about fire safety.

    ***PLEASE NOTE: The firefighters participating in your event are officially “on-duty”. This means that our on-duty firefighters will be covering your event. However, this also means that, should there be an emergency in the City, our arrival to your event might be delayed or cancelled, or that a truck already at your location will need to leave your event to respond to the emergency.

    If these terms do not meet the needs of your organization – you may contact us to discuss your event.  Different accommodations may, however, mean that you incur a cost to your organization for our coverage of your event.

    After you submit this form, you can expect a call from the Auburn Fire Department to further process your request. 

    Please provide the following information for consideration of your event: