PUBLIC NOTICE | Amendment to CDBG Allocation

  • December 02, 2020

Mayor Jason Levesque, City Manager Phil Crowell, the Auburn City Council, and Auburn's Economic & Community Development Department announce amendments to CDBG COVID relief programs intended to provide support to families, public service providers, and Auburn’s small business community.  

In the first round of funding provided by the CARES Act through HUD provided a $334,985 allocation of CDBG funds to the City of Auburn.  The Citizen’s Advisory Committee identified areas of need where CDBG funds could have the greatest impact to residents and small businesses.  HUD is releasing a third round of CARES Act funds and Auburn is to receive an additional $137,932. These funds will be included in the Community Development PY2019 Annual Action Plan as an amendment. 

A link to the summary of the programs offered is provided below. The Auburn Citizen’s Advisory Committee reviewed the amendment at the November 10th meeting and recommended approval. The Auburn City Council was presented with a summary of the proposed amendment at their November 16, 2020 workshop.