Ordinance Amendment Waives/Reduces Permit Fees for Veterans

  • March 17, 2021

More incredible news from Auburn! The Auburn City Council voted unanimously Monday (7-0) to pass an ordinance amendment that will waive or reduce permit fees for Veterans and widows/widowers of Veterans.
The city’s new Veteran Relocation and Development Incentive Program will make Veterans eligible for a 100% reduction in permitting fees on certain residential construction and a 50% reduction on permitting fees on certain commercial construction.
Residential Construction: A Veteran (or the widow/widower of a Veteran) - or a contractor on their behalf - seeking to build new construction or to rehabilitate an existing property will have all fees waived/reimbursed upon permit approval. This applies to owner occupied, single-family and multifamily units, up to 3-unit structures.

Commercial Construction: A Veteran-owned business or subcontractor hired by a Veteran-owned business, will be entitled to a 50% fee reduction/reimbursement for new construction or rehabilitation of an existing property at the time of permit approval.
These reductions do not apply to state fees administered by the City of Auburn. Honorably discharged veterans must present their DD-214 for fees to be waived.
Auburn is Veteran-friendly, but this goes beyond that. This shows our gratitude, and our community’s wholehearted commitment to welcoming those who have served. I truly believe that Auburn will be stronger and better with them here and I commend the City Council for making this promise to our Veterans. ~Mayor Jason Levesque