Auburn Embraces Public Art

  • August 07, 2020

The City of Auburn is embracing public art in a BIG way! City leadership has recently approved two public art projects slated for unveiling in 2021. The first is the finalist from the Maine Arts Commission Grant awarded to LA Metro Chamber of Commerce and L/A Arts.

Maine sculptor Hugh Lassen’s work, titled “Bud Form,” was selected by the Public Art Workgroup as Auburn’s award winner for the grant. “Bud Form” is a life-sized abstract sculpture that will stand roughly 6 feet tall with the ability to rotate. The piece will highlight the amazing views of the Great Falls and Androscoggin River from its location in Longley Park.

Auburn’s second public art project was awarded to the runner-up of the grant, Maine artist Thomas Berger. Berger’s piece, titled “The Fish,” is a stone sculpture which stretches roughly 9 feet, allowing for small children to sit on and interact with the piece. Anniversary Park will be home to the sculpture, as part of the New Auburn Village Center Plan.

After the original recommendation from the Public Art Workgroup to move forward with the Hugh Lassen work, there seemed to be interest from Auburn City Councilors to pursue “The Fish” as well. After deliberation, staff recommended the City purchase this artwork, using monies for the New Auburn Village Center Plan which were refunded by the $246,000 Northern Borders Regional Commission Grant.

"Bud Form" on left, "The Fish" on right