Lake Auburn Watershed Protection Working Group

In an effort to shape the future development and protection of Lake Auburn and the watershed district, the Planning Department has brought together the parties with interest in this particular area together to brainstorm and discuss topics related to future development and conservation.

Working group members:

Sustainability and Natural Resources Board: Chris Carson and David Griswold

Agriculture and Natural Products: Joe Gray and John Cleveland

Protect Lake Auburn: Steven Beale

Lake Auburn Watershed Protection: Camille Parrish and Erika Kidd

Auburn Water District: Mike Broadbent and Dan Bilodeau

City of Auburn Staff: Eric Cousens and Katherine Cook

Documents for Reference:

City Council Order Creating Workgroup and Charge

01/25/2024 Meeting Presentation | Public Post

02/22/2024 Agenda for Stakeholders Meeting and former meeting notes

02/29/2024 Agenda for Agriculture and Forestry Subcommittee

03/07/2024 Agenda for Stakeholders Meeting

03/21/2024 Agenda for Stakeholders Meeting

03/28/2024 Agenda for Stakeholders Meeting - Focus Group 1 | Agenda for Stakeholders Meeting - Focus Group 2

04/11/2024 Agenda for Steakholders Meeting