mayor's ad hoc committee for Auburn's Sesquicentennial

(150th anniversary) 

This group is comprised of community members, stakeholder organizations and others interested in coordinating a year of events and projects to celebrate the 150th year of Auburn formally becoming a city. Those interested in volunteering their time and talents to be part of this project can e-mail staff laison Sabrina Best at

Steering Committee Meetings are held the Last Wednesday of the Month (unless otherwise noted) at 6pm at Auburn Library. 

Agendas  Other Meeting Materials  Meeting Minutes/Notes
March 29, 2018 100th Booklet  3.29.18
April 11, 2019 Historical Registered  4.11.18
April 25, 2019 (Not provided)  4.25.18
May 30, 2018  5.30.18
June 27, 2018  6.27.18
July 27, 2018  7.25.18
August 29, 2018 8.29.18
September 26, 2018 9.26.18 (Not provided)
October 25, 2018 (Date Change) (Not provided)  10.25.18
November 28, 2018  Sub Committee reports 11.27.18
December 19, 2018 (Date Change) 12.19.18
January 30, 2019 Sub Committee Notes 1.30.19
February 27, 2019 Sub Committee Notes 2.27.19
March 27, 2019  Sub Committee Notes 3.27.19 
April 24, 2019 (Cancelled) 
May 29, 2019  Sub Committee Notes 5.29.19
June & July NO MEETING
August 28, 2019  Sub Committee Notes 8.28.19 
September 25, 2019 (Cancelled)
October 30, 2019 10.30.19
November 27, 2019 (Cancelled) 
December 18, 2019 (Date Change) 
January 29, 2019
February 26, 2019

Upcoming Sub Committee Meeting Dates

TBA – History Committee Meeting 6pm at Auburn Esplanade 

Dec 18, Jan 29, Feb 26 – Public Steering Committee Meeting Auburn Library 6pm 

TBA - New Years Auburn, Part 2 

Sub Committees 

New Year’s Auburn Committee

Staff Co-Chairs: Sabrina Best and Jeremy Gatcomb (Recreation Dept)

Public Co-Chairs: Allyson Casares and Lisa Toussaint

Allyson Casares

Lisa Toussaint

Jeremy Gatcomb

Sabrina Best


Birthday Party Committee                                                                                                            

Staff Chair: Mamie Ney, Haley Walden 

Public Chair: Tizz Crowley  

Mamie Ney

Haley Walden 

Tizz Crowley


Memorial Day Parade Committee

Staff Chair: Jody Durisko

Public Chair: Alfreda Fournier

Jody Durisko

Alfreda Fournier


Alumni Weekend - Come Home Auburn Committee 

Staff Chair: Rita Beaudry

Public Chairs: Celeste Beaudet and Stephanie Marris

Rita Beaudry

Celeste Beaudet

Stephanie Marris


Historical Committee

Staff Chair: N/A

Public Co-Chairs: Rachel Desgrosseilliers and Kate Webber (Museum L-A)  

Rachel Desgrosseilliers


Art Show Committee

Staff Chair: Haley Walden 

Public Chairs: Anita Poulin  

Anita Poulin

Haley Walden