Public education

Public fire safety education and training are the keys to making the world a safer place by learning about how and why fires start.  The Auburn Fire Department is pleased to provide teachers and families with grade-specific curriculum, lessons, and materials!         

       Educational Tools  

The menu on the left contains educational material related to fire prevention including: videos, NFPA links, grade-specific curriculum, and more.  If a fire prevention visit from the AFD isn't something that works with your busy, classroom schedule, here are some tools to help remind your students about the importance of fire prevention! 

October is National Fire Prevention Month!   

If you're an Auburn educator and would like your classroom to participate in the AFD's Fire Prevention Educational Program, please use the link (to the left) to help us meet your needs!  For the 2022 season, we are offering both online resources (information on this page) as well as in-person training for students (pre-k thru 6) during the month of October. Hope to see you soon!

NOTE:  If you run into any issues with this page including broken links, difficulties with the survey, or even if you simply have a question, please email and we can help!