Mayor's Ad-Hoc Committee on Homelessness


The Mayor's Ad-hoc Committee on Homelessness will assess the current state of homelessness in Auburn. The committee will provide advice and recommendations to the City Council to address the homeless issue by identifying the role of city government, identifying organizations the city can partner with, and identifying a strategy and priority activities to be undertaken. 


The Committee will file a periodic report to the City Council as key milestones are completed. The Committee’s webpage will be updated regularly to keep residents informed.

Committee Members

Tim Cowan (Co-Chair, Ward 2 City Councilor)

Belinda Gerry (City Councilor At-Large)


Sasha Anastasoff (Student Homelessness)

David Bilodeau (Co-Chair, Response Team)

Jen Edwards (Public Health)

Peter Floyd (Non-Profit)

Elizabeth Fowler (Health Care)

Bonnie Hayes (Community Member)

Bill Lowenstein (Addiction Treatment)

Bruce Noddin (Community Member)

George Sheats (Clergy)

Leslie Torkelson (Workforce Navigation)

Marianne Veilleux (Non-Profit)