Mayor’s Ad-Hoc Public Safety Building Committee 2024


The Mayor’s Ad-hoc Public Safety Building Committee will attend meetings with the Office of Facilities and Energy as they finalize design and construction documents to bring the project to the bid-ready (sometimes referred to as “shovel-ready”) state.


The Committee’s purpose is to:

• Make recommendations to the Office of Facilities and Energy for the hiring of a Design Team and Construction Manager

• Perform community outreach activities to ensure that residents’ voices are heard and ensure they are informed of what is happening throughout this phase of the project


The Committee will file a periodic report to the City Council as key milestones are completed. The Committee’s webpage will be updated regularly to keep residents informed.

Committee Members

Bill Hamilton

Ward 4

Retired Architect

Tim Simpson

Ward 3

Retired Pre-Sales Mechanical Engineer

Andy Titus

Ward 3

Former City Councilor