Mayor’s Ad-Hoc Committee on Housing


The Mayor’s Ad-hoc Committee on Housing will provide recommendations to the City Council as to the number and type of housing units needed in Auburn through 2030 and strategies to achieve those housing goals.


The Committee will file a periodic report to the City Council as key milestones are completed. The Committee’s webpage will be updated regularly to keep residents informed.

Committee Members


Rick Whiting (City Councilor)

Ned Claxton (Homeowner and former State Senator)


Mary Beth Booth (Condominium resident)

Michael Dixon (Homeowner and former Zoning Board of Appeals Chair)

Celia McGukian (Non-profit housing)

Chris Eugley (Homeowner and small landlord, <10 units)

Kathryn Manson (Renter)

Fatuma Hussein (Non-profit developer)

Mathieu Duvall (Homeowner and former Planning Board member)