Annual Property Inspections to Begin

  • September 14, 2022

Each year, the Auburn Assessing Department conducts neighborhood inspections in parts of the City. We strive to make exterior inspections of one-quarter of the parcels in the city each year. This year our focus will be mobile home parks and condominiums. Other neighborhoods may follow when we have completed the inspections in those areas.

Beginning September 16, the Auburn assessing department will be resuming these neighborhood inspections, known as the “one-in-fours.” We expect inspections to continue for several weeks. We will begin will the mobile home parks, namely Ja-Lynn, Stevens Mill and Washington Parks.

Our focus is on exterior inspections of properties and to take new exterior photographs. This helps us to meet state assessing standards and maintain accurate property records. If there are any apparent discrepancies with the property record, we may take exterior measurements as well. If we walk onto your property, we will first knock on your door. We will leave an orange door tag if we miss you.

All of the inspectors are city employees and carry a city identification. We will be driving a City of Auburn vehicle and will have vests identifying us as members of the assessing department. If you see us in the neighborhood and have questions, please ask.

If you prefer to schedule a property inspection, you can contact us at Auburn Hall, 333-6601 ask for the assessing department. You can also e mail us at