Form Based Code

A Guide to the City of Auburn’s Form Based Code Proposal

The City of Auburn is proposing to implement a new type of zoning called Form Based Code. Over the last 2 years, the City of Auburn’s Planning Board has been developing the Form Based Code and will hold a Public Hearing on December 8 in City Hall. The 2010 Comprehensive Plan recommended that development in the Great Falls Plaza, the Downtown Traditional Business area and New Auburn area should “encourage new development or modifications to existing buildings to occur in a manner that reflects key elements of the traditional downtown development pattern” Form Based Codes is being used to implement this recommendation. Communities all across the country are using Form Based Code to help bring back traditional development patterns by providing a focus on building placement, safe walkable streets, greater flexibility of land uses and a more simplified development process.

How to Use this Guide-

  1. Click on the map to the right and locate your property.
  2. Click on your property to see what “Form Based Code District” is proposed and to see district details for your property and how new development will be regulated.
  3. Browse the Form Based Code Files below to review the entire Form Based Code proposed for Auburn.
  4. Additional information is provided for those who want to learn more about Form Based Code.


Form Based Code Files: