Join us for Auburn's SECOND Annual ART IN THE PARK

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Edward Little Park, on the corner of Main Street & Academy Street

Taking place in the heart of Auburn on the same day as Maine's Bicentennial Parade! Featuring: Juried art show, fine art vendors, Farmers' Market, craft booths, food trucks and much MORE!


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Art in the Park 2019

Pictured below are the winners from the 2019 Art in the Park juried show.

1st Place - Ryan Kohler: Time Makes Fools of Us All
2nd Place - Peter Yesis: In the Light of Day
3rd Place - Richard Seger: Morning Walk
Honorable Mention - Arthur Schaefer: Taking a Long Look

1st Place - Anita Poulin - Lewiston Falls Academy
2nd Place - Richard Seger: Second Trumpet
3rd Place - Ryan Kohler: Time Makes Fools of Us All
Honorable Mention - Norma Warden: Waiting for Daddy

Tegan Lake: The Auburn Library

Jinger Duryea: Paws

To get started, hover over the slides and use the Left/Right arrow buttons to navigate among them:

  • The Auburn Library

    The Auburn Library

    Best of Auburn: Tegan Lake - "The Auburn Library"

  • Time Makes Fools of Us All

    Time Makes Fools of Us All

    Judges 1st place Peoples Choice 3rd Place: Ryan Kohler - "Time Makes Fools of Us All"

  • In the Light of Day

    In the Light of Day

    Judges 2nd Place: Peter Yesis - "In the Light of Day"

  • Morning Walk

    Morning Walk

    Judges 3rd Place: Richard Seger - "Morning Walk"

  • Taking a Long Look

    Taking a Long Look

    Judges Honorable Mention: Arthur Schaefer - "Taking a Long Look"

  • Paws


    Mayors Choice: Jinger Duryea - "Paws"

  • Lewiston Falls Academy

    Lewiston Falls Academy

    Peoples Choice 1st place: Anita Poulin - "Lewiston Falls Academy"

  • Second Trumpet

    Second Trumpet

    Peoples Choice 2nd Place: Richard Seger - "Second Trumpet"

  • Waiting for Daddy

    Waiting for Daddy

    Peoples Honorable Mention: Norma Warden - "Waiting for Daddy"