Notice: Weed, Grass and Brush Spraying to Commence

  • June 04, 2014

The Asplundh Tree Expert Co, Railroad Division, of 720 County road 400, Ironton, OH will soon commence a  spraying for Weed, Grass and Brush Control on the  St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad, within the State of Maine. As a condition of the approved Variance, Asplundh is providing this notice in advance of the work.
The materials being used this year are approved for use in the State of Maine and Variances have been issued and approved by the Board for this work. The products which will be used for this work are approved by the State of Maine and the Federal EPA, and may include the following:  Glyphosate, Oust Extra, Esplanade 200 SC, Streamline.  These materials are used at low rates either by themselves or in combinations in 25 gallons of water per acre, by hy-rail spray equipment.
Application period will be on or about June 9, 2014 through July 31st, 2014 depending on track availability and weather.