Support Services

The Support Services Division is responsible for all functions that support the overall operations of the Police Department. These responsibilities include: recruitment & selection, training, court, accreditation, the Volunteers in Police Service Program (VIPS), property/evidence, parking enforcement, animal control, Project Lifesaver, social media/website, department policy and records. Support Services is comprised of one sergeant, the Parking Enforcement Officer, the Animal Control Officer, the Property & Evidence Coordinator, Court Officer, an Information Assistant and the Accreditation Manager.


Support Services Supervisor

Sergeant Benjamin Quinnell is the Support Services Supervisor. He is responsible for the supervision and coordination of activities within the SSD. This includes deploying/scheduling personnel to meet the needs of the department and the community. This supervisor oversees the maintenance of our equipment; manages the Quartermaster System (uniforms, etc.); directs the department's planning, deployment and operations for special events. Sgt. Quinnell also manages all training; scheduling and coordinating mandatory, specialized, in-house, and recruit training. He acts as our liaison to the Maine Criminal Justice Academy. Sergeant Quinnell is the department's primary crime prevention/community relations officer and he can be reached at 207.333.6650 X: 2057.

Police Planner

Liz Allen is the APD's Police Planner, responsible for planning and technical work in the areas of law enforcement accreditation, police administration, grant writing and administration and coordination of department programs. The Police Planner is responsible for conducting various research projects, gathering information, making statistical analyses and recommendations, preparing reports, planning functions & community events, completing studies, and other administrative assignments. She can be reached at 207.333.6650 X2070.



Parking Enforcement

The Auburn Police Department has a civilian Parking Enforcement Officer. John Banville is responsible for monitoring the many city lots, the parking garage and on-street parking. John can be reached at or by calling 207.333.6650 X2071.





Information Assistant

Claire Barclay is the Information Assistant assigned to Support Services. She is responsible for data entry and various other clerical duties, but her biggest responsibilities include administration of the parking program, including management of fines and the issuance of parking permits; as well as maintenance of the City of Auburn Alarm Registration Program, for which she generates invoices and maintains alarm site profiles and permits. She can be reached at 207.333.6650 X2054.




Animal Control/Special Enforcement Officer

The Animal Control/Special Enforcement Officer is responsible for the overall enforcement of the Municipal and State laws governing the licensing and care of dogs and other domesticated animals. The ACO responds to all calls relating to these animals and also works with the City Clerk in the enforcement of the licensing of all dogs. Officer Michael Chaine serves as ACO for the Auburn Police Department. He also serves as Special Enforcement Officer, managing our Project LifeSaver program and much more. To reach Officer Chaine, email him at or call 207.333.6650 X2058.


The Support Services Technician is a civilian employee who is responsible for receiving and maintaining property recovered or turned over to the Auburn Police Department. The Support Services Technician is also responsible for conducting the disposal and/or release of evidence and found/abandoned property. Rebecca Lacasse is Evidence Technician for the Auburn Police Department. If you need to claim/retrieve property that was recovered by or turned over to the APD, she can be reached at 207.333.6650 X2083.




Court Officer

The Court Officer is a civilian employee who is responsible for the processing of all court papers and documents to be presented for disposition at the Superior and District Courts. Richard Mercier is Court Officer for the Auburn Police Department. He can be reached at 207.333.6650 X2059.





Information Assistant

Amanda Tierney is the Information Assistant assigned to the Records Division. This civilian position is responsible for fielding incoming calls and in-person inquiries; providing crash reports; and other miscellaneous duties including accepting record requests, parking ticket payments, concealed weapons permit applications and more. Amanda can be reached at 207.333.6650 X2053.






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