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Parking in the City of Auburn

The City of Auburn welcomes visitors and residents. We hope that you will take some time to enjoy all that our beautiful city has to offer.

In an effort to ensure that everyone has a chance to park & enjoy our city, we encourage you to please pay attention to parking signage. Many downtown parking areas are limited to 1 or 2 hours. This is strictly enforced.

It is simple to obtain a one-day (or monthly) parking pass by visiting the Auburn Police Department, located on the ground floor of Auburn Hall (60 Court Street) during business hours. One-day passes are $5 and monthly passes are $45.

Click here to view the City of Auburn parking ordinances.

A reminder that "hop-scotching" - or moving your vehicle to a different 2- or 4-hour parking spot to avoid a ticket - is not permitted. City ordinance states that "any person parking his vehicle in a space limited to two- or four-hour parking in any city-owned parking lot shall not thereafter park the vehicle in any other parking space in that parking lot during the ensuing 12-hour period other than in a space as to which parking is limited to one hour or less."


Permit Parking

Parking in City-owned lots is permitted with the purchase of a parking permit.

All or portions of the following parking lots are designated as permit parking areas:

  • Great Falls Plaza parking lot
  • Mechanics Row parking garage


No car shall be parked in an area restricted to permit parking between the hours of 7:00 am and 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, except pursuant to a valid permit which shall be affixed to the front window of the vehicle in question. Any car parked in violation of this section may be towed. The registered owner will be responsible for illegally parked vehicles and any impound fees/parking citations issued. 

There is no parking allowed in any city-owned lot between the hours of 12:01 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. from November 15 to April 15, except in spaces designated as winter relief parking areas.


Winter Parking Information

There are ordinances governing special parking restrictions during the winter months.

If you do not have a driveway or other place to park your vehicle, there are a limited number of “winter relief” lots around the city where you can park. Remember: your vehicle MUST be moved by 7:00am.


To utilize winter relief parking, you MUST have a winter relief parking permit, which is only available at the Auburn Police Department. Failure to obtain a permit could result in towing of your vehicle. Expenses incurred will include fees to the towing company, a fee of $35 to the City of Auburn, as well as any parking ticket fees for parking in a restricted zone. You are strongly encouraged to obtain a winter relief parking permit to avoid these fees.


If there is a parking ban, vehicles with winter relief parking permits may park in the winter relief lots until the ban is lifted. As soon as the ban is lifted, you must remove your vehicle as soon as possible.

If you need information on winter relief parking, including the location of winter relief lots, you may call the Auburn Police Department at 333-6650 X2053.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Parking Ticket?

Did you find a ticket on your windshield?

Paying your parking violation is quick and easy.

Pay by mail

Using the bright yellow envelope attached to your ticket, simply enclose the ticket along with your payment, add a postage stamp and mail to the Auburn PD. Please be sure to make your check payable to: City of Auburn.

Visit the APD

Bring your ticket to the Auburn Police Department at 60 Court Street during our administrative business hours (8:00am - 4:30pm, Monday through Friday). We can accept cash, checks/money orders made payable to "City of Auburn," and credit cards. Please note that if you pay by credit card, there is a processing fee of 2.9% or $2.00 (whichever is greater).



As stated on your ticket, fines will double after 72 hours. So, please be sure to pay within that time period, or contact us to make payment arrangements.


Scoff-law Tow List

Any vehicle upon which $100.00 or more in unpaid parking fines has accumulated may be towed immediately by or at the direction of the police department at the risk of the owner. The registered owner of the vehicle may only retrieve the vehicle upon payment of all unpaid parking fines and towing costs.


Questions about parking tickets?

Please contact Information Assistant Claire Barclay at 207.333.6650 X2054.

If you would like to dispute your parking ticket, please contact Support Services Officer Michael Chaine at 207.333.6650 X2058.



If you received a ticket for parking in a handicapped space, the fine is $200. If you have a valid handicapped placard, but failed to properly display it, please visit the APD at 60 Court Street during our regular business hours. Be sure to bring your ticket, as well as your placard and the $200 fine will be reduced to a $10 administrative fee.