MAG-ARP  |  Mayor's Action Group on Agriculture & Resource Protection

The purpose of the Mayor’s [Ad Hoc] Action Group on Agriculture and Resource Protection (MAG-ARP) is to craft draft ordinances addressing income and minimum land usage requirements in Auburn's current Agriculture Resource Protection Zone, for consideration and action by the Auburn City Council.

MAG-ARP will consist of Mayoral appointees as follows:

1. 1 City Councilor to be selected by the Council
2. 1 Planning Board member-nominated by Chair of the Planning Board
3. 1 Conservation Committee member- nominated by the Chair of the Conservation Committee
4. 2 Residents working in the Agriculture industry
5. 1 Resident/Landowner in current ARPZ
6. 1 Resident at Large
7. The Mayor or a designee acting as a non-voting Chair

The process will consist of approximately 4 to 6 public meetings over a 60 day period starting in October, 2018, with future meetings to TBD. All meetings will be recorded and made available to the public. Upon completion of draft ordinances, they will be presented to both Conservation and Planning Boards for further review period, which shall not exceed 2 meetings or 60 days, at which time they shall forward their recommendations, notes, suggested edits etc. to MAG-ARP, which will then present, via workshop, findings and draft ordinances to the City Council for deliberation and action.


October 11, 2018

October 25, 2018 Agenda

October 25, 2018 Meeting Materials & Staff Memo

November 1, 2018  Materials Submitted for Consideration



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