Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is responsible for the overall protection of lives and property, maintaining law and order and responding to requests for service (emergency and non-emergency). The Patrol Division enforces all criminal laws that are mandated by Federal, State or Municipal Government. Patrol consists of two Lieutenants; eight Sergeants; twenty-four Patrol Officers; and two K9s (Dutch & Rocky).

To reach any of the officers listed, simply dial 207.333.6650, then enter the extension of the person you are trying to reach.

[If you do not see the name of the officer you are trying to reach, try another division using the black buttons at the bottom of the page.]


Patrol Watch Commanders

Dial 207.333.6650 X2060 for the Watch Commander on Duty

Lt. Barry Schmieks

207.333.6650 X2060

Lt. Scott Watkins

207.333.6650 X6388

Patrol Supervisors

Dial 207.333.6650 X2061 for the Patrol Supervisor on Duty

Sgt. Kristopher Bouchard 

207.333.6650 X6352

Sgt. Gary Boulet 

207.333.6650 X6362

Sgt. Matthew Dailey 

207.333.6650 X6364

Sgt. Steven Gosselin 

207.333.6650 X6368

Sgt. Christopher Hatfield 

207.333.6650 X6371

Sgt. James Lawlor 

207.333.6650 X6375

 Sgt. Jason Moore 

207.333.6650 X6363

Sgt. Chad Syphers 

207.333.6650 X6370

Patrol Officers

Dial 207.333.6650 then enter the officer's extension

Ofc. Katherine Avery

E-Mail  |  X6386

Ofc. Travis Barnies

E-mail  |  X6383

Ofc. Devon Bohacik

E-mail  |  X

Ofc. Shawn Carll

E-mail  |  X6357

Ofc. Daniel Chabot

E-mail  |  C6380

Ofc. John Chamberlain

E-mail  |  X6353

Ofc. Joseph Correia

E-mail  |  X6392

Ofc. Donald Cousins

E-mail  |  X6385

Ofc. James Davison

E-mail  |  X6369

Ofc. Jonathan Edwards

E-mail  |  X6393

Ofc. Thomas Ellis

E-mail  |  X6367

Ofc. Tyler Ham

E-mail  |  X6350

Ofc. Andrew Jarman

E-mail  |  X6381

Ofc. Nicholas Kyllonen

E-mail  |  X6358

Ofc. Scott Laliberte

E-mail  |  X6374

Ofc. Dennis Matthews

E-mail  |  X6391

Ofc. Joseph Miville

E-mail  |  X6387

Ofc. Greg Pealatere

E-mail  |  X6394

Ofc. James Phillips

E-mail  |  X6379

Ofc. Chris Saunders

E-mail  |  X6359

Ofc. Andrew Shute

E-mail  |  X6382

Ofc. Bernice Westleigh

E-mail  |  X6378

K9 Officer Dutch

E-mail Dutch

K9 Officer Rocky

E-mail Rocky


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