Director of Finance

Jill Eastman


The Finance Department is responsible for ensuring that Auburn's money is collected fairly, accounted for accurately, and managed in a manner that preserves public trust. 

Finance is also responsible for Auburn's "Risk Mangement" safety program. This is an effort to protect employees from workplace injuries as well as protecting the City from catastrophic losses and certain lawsuits.


Phone:  207.333.6601 ext. 1402
Fax: 207.333.6620
Address:  60 Court Street, Auburn, Maine 04210

 Hours:  Monday thru Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm  

Support Staff

Derek Boulanger

Facilities Manager/Purchasing

207.333.6601 ext 1135

Jill Cunningham

Accounting Assistant

207.333.6601 ext 1400

Gina Klemanski

Accounting Assistant

207.333.6601 ext 1404