The Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for major crimes, cold cases, sex offenders, victim services, School Resource Officers, youth services, child protective services, federal agency liaisons, city licensing, and much more. This division is comprised of a lieutenant, a sergeant, five detectives, three school resource officers and the Court Officer.


Criminal Investigations Commander



Criminal Investigations Supervisor 

The Criminal Investigations Supervisor is Sergeant Eric Audette. Sergeant Audette is responsible for the supervision and coordination of the Criminal Investigations Unit. He can be reached at 207.333.6650 X2074



Our detectives are responsible for the investigation of all felony cases and other related cases that are referrals from the Patrol Division or other agencies. The Lieutenant and Sergeant are responsible for case assignments and serve as the lead detectives in all serious cases.

Detective Terrence McCormick

207.333.6650 X2056

Detective Eric Bell

207.333.6650 X2069

Detective Marshall McCamish

207.333.6650 X2067

Detective David Madore


Detective Nicholas Gagnon


School Resource Officers

The School Resource Officers are assigned to work with the School Department with children from Grades K-12. SROs also conduct classes in a variety of safety topics and participate in many outside activities and community events.

Elementary Resource Officer:
Officer Tom Poulin
207.333.6650 X2373
Middle School Resource Officer:
Officer Joshua King
207.333.6650 X2073
High School Resource Officer:
Officer Bryan Parker
207.333.6650 X2075

Court Officer

The Court Officer is a civilian employee who is responsible for the processing of all court papers and documents to be presented for disposition at the Superior and District Courts. This position is currently vacant.




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