Construction Projects 

Construction projects are a critical part of keeping our City's infrastructure strong and secure. Projects listed below are scheduled for the current season here in Auburn. For additional questions or concerns, feel free to send us a message via the "Contact Us" form on the left side of this page. 

Reconstruction Projects

These projects are typically performed on urban streets where a closed drainage system (catch basins, underground pipes, etc.) is required.  These projects can be very complex since other underground utilities are present and requires a high level of coordination and scheduling.  Besides drainage, these projects also include:  excavation of old gravels and pavement surfaces, installation of new gravels and pavements, curbing, sidewalks, landscaping, lighting, signage, and striping.  Since most general contractors do not perform all aspects of a project, multiple subcontractors are used for specialty work.  Scheduling can become a complicated task especially when work is sometimes performed at night.  The following is a list of current reconstruction projects within the City:

  • Lake Street Reconstruction Project – Project complete.  Punch list items and cleanup to be completed next week.
  • Seventh Street Reconstruction Project-Crews are working on the remaining storm drain pipes and structures.  Box cut from Loring to end next week followed by base paving.
  • Hampshire Street Reconstruction Project – Hampshire Street project complete.
  • Cook Street Reconstruction –Project complete.  Re-seeding to be completed in the Fall.

Reclamation Projects

These projects are typically performed on rural roadways where an open drainage system (culverts, ditches and inslopes) is more practical.  These projects consist of replacement of existing culverts, pulverization of the existing roadway surface, stabilization fabric, additional layer of surface gravel, new pavements, gravel shoulders, ditching and striping.  The following is a list of current reclamation projects within the City:

  • Pownal Road Reclamation Project – Crews continue to work on roadway drainage.
  • Old Danville Road Reclamation Project- Old Danville Road from South Main Street to Spencer Drive.  Surface paving to be completed next week.

Pavement Restoration Projects

These projects are performed on roadways that require a surface maintenance.  Milling (removal of 2” of existing roadway surface) is completed prior to repaving where curbing is present.  Where curbing is not present, the roadway is shimmed and repaved.  Once the pavement is installed, the roadway is striped.  The following is a list of current pavement restoration projects within the City:

  • Rodman Road Resurfacing- Washington Avenue to Hotel Road to begin in September.  This project is an MDOT locally administered project.  Crews are working on installing driveway culverts.
  • Main Street- Court St to Academy St.  Milling, paving and striping complete.
  • Goff Street- Court St to Hampshire St.  Milling, paving and striping complete.
  • Spring Street- Court St to Hampshire St.  Milling, paving and striping complete.
  • Lake Auburn Ave- Turner St to Center St.  Milling, paving and striping complete.
  • Summer Street- Vining St to Park Ave.  Project to begin in two weeks.

Miscellaneous Projects

The following are other current projects within the City:

  • Ash Landfill forced sewer main – This project includes installation of a pump station to move leachate from the ash landfill to a sewer system on Hotel Road.  A very complex project that included directionally boring pipe under the Maine Turnpike.  This project will eliminate the need to haul leachate by truck which was a considerable expense to the City.  Project nearly complete.  Punch list items remaining.  Looking to go online in September.
  • Sopers Mill Bridge Rehab – This project included repairs to the concrete abutments, painting of the steel support beams and repair of the existing guardrail.  Project complete.
  • 2018 Crack Seal-  Project has been awarded and will be completed this fall, 2018.  Project includes crack sealing recently paved streets to preserve the pavement surface.
  • 2017 Tree Inventory Grant- Project includes the completion of the street tree inventory and planting of trees on Gamage Avenue.  Project complete.
  • Landfill Monitoring- This is an ongoing bi-yearly compliance to monitor the ground water at the Gracelawn and Ash Landfills.
  • MS4 Stormwater Permit-  The City of Auburn is regulated by MDEP to discharge stormwater into waters of the State (Androscoggin River).  This is an ongoing yearly permit requirement.
  • 2018 Drain Repair and Investigation- the City continues to investigate the condition of its miles of underground drainage system.  Previously video recorded deficiencies are being repaired using technologies which do not require excavation.

Project in design

The following are projects that are currently in design:

  • Academy/High/Elm/Main Streets Intersection Project- This project includes ADA and traffic signal upgrades, new sidewalk on the westerly side of Minot Ave from Elm to High Streets and traffic calming measures at the intersection of High and Elm Street (12 highest crash location in the State of Maine)
  • Main/Mill/Broad Streets Intersection Project –This project includes ADA upgrades, geometric re-alignments and pedestrian safety improvements.
  • Hotel Road Reconstruction- Lewiston Junction Road to East Hardscrabble Road.  Project include full depth reconstruction of the existing roadway.

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