2017-18 Construction Projects 

Projects below are scheduled for the 2017-2018 season here in Auburn.   For more details, be sure to check out the Public Services/Engineering Weekly Reports that can be found in the menu to the left.   For additional questions or concerns, feel free to send us a message via Contact Us. 

  Updated 06/10/2018

  • 2017 Reclamation Project – Pownal Road construction will resume in June with loam, surface paving, gravel shoulders and striping.
  • 2017 MPI Project – Hampshire Street from Turner Street to Union Street.  Crews are working on sidewalks and raising structures to grade.  Section from Gamage to Union has been striped.
  • Ash Landfill forced sewer main – Force main piping complete.  Utility poles have been set, waiting for CMP to install power.
  • Lake Street Reconstruction Project – Crews are working on installing curbing and sidewalks.
  • Sopers Mill Bridge Rehab – Guardrail work and wall stabilization scheduled to be completed in June.
  • Cook Street Reconstruction – Loam has been placed and surface paving to be completed this week.  Hydroseeding and surfacing of sidewalks and driveways next week.
  • 2018 Reconstruction Project- Work on section of 7 Street from South Main Street to Truman Avenue has started with replacement of water main and stormdrain.
  • 2018 Reclamation Project- Old Danville Road from South Main Street to Spencer Drive.  Base pavement has been placed from Harmons Corner to Danville Corner.  Gravel work to continue from Danville Corner to Spencer Drive with base paving scheduled next week.  Crews are also working on driveway culverts and aprons.
  • 2018 MPI Project- Goff Street from Court St to Hampshire St, Spring Street from Court St to Hampshire St, Lake Auburn Ave from Turner St to Center St, Summer Street from Vining St to Park Ave, Main Street from Court St to Academy St.  Milling of Goff and Spring Streets completed.  Crews working on ADA sidewalk ramps and structures.  Paving scheduled week of June 18.
  • Academy Street/High Street - Intersection Project – In design
  • Main Street/Mill Street/Broad Street - Intersection Project - In design
  • Hotel Road Reconstruction- Section from Lewiston Junction Road to East Hardscrabble Road in design.
  • Rodman Road Resurfacing- Section from Washington Avenue to Hotel Road in design.


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