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Construction Projects 

Projects below are scheduled for the 2015-2016 season here in Auburn.   For more details, be sure to check out the Public Services/Engineering Weekly Reports that can be found in the menu to the left.   For additional questions or concerns, feel free to send us a message via Contact Us. 

Page last Updated:  8.27.15




Broad Street Paving - Lower Mill to outer


(50% Federal & State, 50% Local)

August 2015 thru October 2015

 On Schedule

South Main Street - Outer Cook Street

to Bolster Street

(85% Federal & State, 15% Local)

Ongoing thru September 2015

 On Schedule

Note: The contractor is continuing to install curb and prepping sidewalks and driveways for paving.

Park Avenue - Park Avenue Elementary

to Lake Street

(90% Federal & State, 10% Local)

July 2015 thru August 2015

 On Schedule

Note: CMP is still waiting for Time Warner, Oxford Networks and Verizon to transfer their lines so that the poles may be removed from the sidewalk. All driveways and sidewalks have the first layer of pavement and the contractor is beginning to loam and seed the lawns.  Dependent on the weather, the roadway should receive surface pavement on September 1.

Valview Drive

(100% Local)

August 2015 thru October 2015

 On Schedule

Riverside Drive - Vickery to Dunn


(80% Federal & State, 20% Local)

Ongoing thru Oct 2015

 On Schedule

Note:  The contractor has completed the box cut.  The contractor has begun to install curbing and will be fine-grading the remaining gravel so it may be paved.

Summer Street - Park to Mt. Auburn

(100% Local)

August 2015 thru September 2015

 On Schedule 

Oakdale Bridge (Route 202 Southbound

over Little Androscoggin)

(100% Federal & State)

Ongoing thru June 2016

 On Schedule 

Tyler Street

(100% Local)

Ongoing thru July 2015


Davis Ave - Lake to Gamage

(100% Local)

Ongoing thru October 2015

 On Schedule 

Lake Street - Colonial Way to

Park Ave.

(50% State, 50% Local)