Engine 2 Station

Engine 2 Station was built in 1952.  This station houses a Lieutenant and two firefighters.

Physical Address

181 South Main Street
Auburn, Maine 04210


Engine 2

Engine 3 Station

Engine 3 Station, also known as Central Station, was built in 1972.  This station houses the Battalion Chief, Captain, Lieutenant, two EMTs and two firefighters. The administrative offices of the fire chief, two deputy chiefs, fire prevention officer, office manager and fire department planner are also located here.  The L/A 911 Communications Center occupies most of the lower level of the station.

Physical Address

550 Minot Avenue
Auburn, Maine 04210



Engine 3
Rescue 3
Rescue 2
BC's Vehicle
FPO's Vehicle
Tech Rescue Vehicle
2012 Pick-up

Engine 5 Station

Engine 5 Station was built in 1974.  This station houses two Lieutenants and four firefighters.

Physical Address

651 Center Street
Auburn, Maine 04210


Engine 5
Rescue 5
Truck 1
Rescue Boat
1991 Pick-up

Training Building

The training building was build in 1989 by the firefighters with a grant from the State Training Authority. Built almost entirely of cement, it allows live-fire training to be conducted.  This facility is also widely used by the State Training Authority and fire departments from around the tri-county area.