Annual Assessment Information

The Assessing Department is responsible for the analysis of the title to and valuation of all taxable Real Estate and Personal Property located in the City of Auburn. The Department maintains permanent records setting forth title information, descriptions of land and buildings, the valuation of all properties, taxable and exempt, property tax maps showing lot dimensions and lists of all taxable personal property used in business and manufacturing. This information provides the basis for the valuation and tax commitment process from which revenues are raised to run the City of Auburn. In tax year 2013/2014 the City raised $40,976,888 on a valuation base of $2,005,721,383.

All of the records in the Assessing Department are available to the public for inspection during normal business hours. Property record cards contain the land, building and site improvement information used to determine valuation. The valuation book contains a record of all the assessments in the city. The sales record book contains a record of the properties that have been sold setting forth the Grantor, Grantee, date of sale, property tax map number and the sale price.

Assessment information is also available online via WebPRO (Assessment Data)


To view Auburn's historical valuation data including Total Assessed Values, Mil Rates, Certified Ratios and Tax Commited Values please click on the following link. HISTORICAL DATA

STATISTICS 2013/2014

Land Area 65 square miles
Number of Parcels 9,329
Business Personal Property Accounts 1,118
Taxable Real Estate $1,823,040,083
Taxable Personal Property $182,681,300
Total 2012 Assessed Valuation $2,005,721,383
Property Tax Raised $40,976,888       
Property Tax Rate $20.43
Certified Ratio 100%
Homestead Exemptions Granted 5,032
Veteran Exemptions Granted 653
Total Exemption Valuation $363,820,600
Exempted property valuation equals 15% of the city's total taxable valuation