Tax Increment Financing

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is an economic development program authorized under state law to support municipal projects. The TIF program allows municipalities to provide financial assistance to local economic development projects and programs ­by using property taxes that result from new commercial or residential investment.

Learn more about TIF in this TIF 101 Presentation from October 20, 2014 and visit Great Falls TV for the full presentation to council on October 20, 2014; the first portion of the video is TIF-related.

Current TIF Projects

TIF #4 Tambrands TIF #6 Tambrands II TIF #9 Mall Area
TIF #10 Downtown Area TIF #12 Industrial Park TIF #13 Retail Development
TIF #14 Auburn Mall TIF #15 Mall Area Hotel TIF #16 Webster School
TIF #18 TIF #19 Hartt Transportation TIF #20 62 Spring Street
TIF #21 477 Minot Avenue TIF #22 Hampshire Street TIF #26 North River Road


Other Financing

EB-5 program

Historic tax credit and other tax credits

Workforce development tax credit 

Maine Technology and Development Grants

Foreign trade zone

Pine Tree Zone