The mission of the Recycling Committee is to study, recommend, and report on programs/models being implemented in response to the changing marketplace. Our goal is to have both the residential and commercial community conscious of recycling and related issues that affect the quality of life in Auburn.

Recycling, in the broad sense, is the reuse or extension of usable life of materials that have fulfilled the purpose of original manufacture or possession. Recycled materials may be remanufactured into new or different materials, renovated to their original purpose or reused in their current configuration via change in ownership. Recycling may parallel waste removal but is the opposite of waste disposal as recycled materials are removed from the waste stream to begin a new economic life.

For these reasons, the Auburn City Council has created a Recycling Ad-hoc Committee. This Committee, composed of six Auburn residents and one city councilor, appointed by the City Council for a six-month term with the option to expand the term an additional six-months, shall conduct a minimum of six scheduled public meetings and shall:

  1. Identify the key impacts of the current recycling program;
  2. Compare the current model with different models we could adopt;
  3. Identify our current costs for recycling and compare with other municipalities which have adapted to the changing market; and
  4. Create a public education and awareness campaign for the recommended changes.

The Recycling Committee is encouraged to include content experts to attend and participate in the meetings to ensure the most recent information pertaining to recycling is being considered. The Recycling Committee shall provide the City Council with one status report in September 2019 and a final report in December 2019 of the studies, reports, activities, and recommendations to the City Council.

The Recycling Committee meets on the 2nd & 4th Thursday of each month at Auburn City Hall, second floor, Room 204. 



Silver Moore-Leamon

Camille Parrish 

Sharon Benoit 

Ralph Harder 

Rebecca Lloyd

Dennis Connelly Sr. 

Councilor Holly Lasagna

Staff Facilitator: Assistant City Manager, Phil Crowell

Meeting Agendas & Minutes

10-31-19 10-31-19
11-07-19 11-07-19
11-14-2019 11-14-2019
11-26-2019 11-26-2019
12-19-2019 12-19-2019


Recycling Committee Update to City Council 12/2/2019

"Recycling Reform for Maine" Letter from Natural Resources Council of Maine

Waste Reduction Initiatives (slideshow presentation from South Portland's Sustainability Director)