Electrical Division

The Electrical Division is responsible for maintaining the City’s extensive network of traffic signals, streetlights, and fire alarm systems. It also administers the Electrical Code and performs associated inspections.  The City of Auburn has adopted the NFPA 70, (National Electrical Code) 2014 edition (In effect as of October 14, 2014).


    • Electrical Permits and Inspections

Electrical permits are required for the installation of wires and fixtures for new construction, additions to existing structures and repairs to structures that alter the existing wiring. Permits may be obtained from Planning & Permitting located at Auburn Hall, 60 Court Street in Auburn

    • Traffic Signal Maintenance
    • Streetlight Maintenance

Permit Applications


Fee Schedule


Electrical Permits and Inspections

The owner of a single-family owner-occupied dwelling may perform all electrical work (without licensure) within their dwelling. All appropriate permits and inspections shall be obtained. Only an appropriately licensed electrician may perform installations in multi- family dwellings, commercial, and industrial properties. It is a “class E crime” to perform electrical installations in the aforementioned areas without appropriate licensure.

Scheduling for electrical inspections and general electrical information may be obtained by contacting the Planning & Permitting Office rrussell@auburnmaine.gov.

Traffic Signal Maintenance

The City of Auburn Electrical Division maintains all traffic signal devices within the municipality. If you feel you have a concern, make note of the specific location, time of day and a brief description of the problem, and please contact the Electrical Division at cdeangelis@auburnmaine.gov.

Streetlight Maintenance

The City of Auburn leases the majority of streetlights within the municipality from Central Maine Power Co. To report problems, please obtain the street address closest to the problem and the utility pole number on the light in question, if available. The pole number is a small silver stamp located approximately 6 ft. from grade level on the street side of the pole. When placing your complaint, include a brief description of the problem such as the light is out, the light is cycling on and off, or the light stays on during daylight hours. All complaints can be submitted to Shannon at: sgoodell@auburnmaine.gov. City Staff will in turn contact the utility company for repair.

Please contact Charlie DeAngelis, City Electrician at cdeangelis@auburnmaine.gov for more information.