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Airport Board of Directors

The Airport Board strives to stimulate aeronautical development and expansion at the airport through policies and projects that will increase airport viability and result in increased airport, airpark and community growth.The Airport Board pursues opportunities of growth for both the airport and the airpark... More info 


Stephen Lunt, Clinton Deschene, Albert Sargent, Robert Thompson, George Dycio, BettyAnn Sheats, and Robert Hayes

2015 Agendas


2014 Agendas

January 9, 2014    April 3, 2014     
February 6, 2014    May 1, 2014     
March 13, 2014         


2014 Minutes

February 6, 2014         
March 13, 2014         
April 3, 2014         


Meeting Schedule

Meetings are typically held the first Thursday of every month, 5:30pm, 125 Manley Road in Auburn 

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