Airport Board Strategic Workshop

  • START: Saturday, July 24, 2021 1:00 PM
  • END: Saturday, July 24, 2021 5:00 PM
  • LOCATION: Airport

Friends of Auburn Lewiston Airport,  

The Airport Board will hold a strategic workshop on July 24th from 1-5 at the Airport. The public is invited to join us on Zoom: meeting #463 332 0519.                                               

The Airport's FAA CIP calls for a new Master Plan to be performed in 2022. Hoyle and Tanner will facilitate the process. The timing will be perfect as we have things coming due, an Airport Layout Plan, review of Exhibit A, an Aviation Forecast and an obstruction study, which can all be done as part of the Master Plan with the FAA will covering the cost.  It will also occur after the hiring of a new manager. There is a great deal of public input to the Master Plan, which will give our new manager a well informed learning curve.  A formal Strategic Plan or Business Plan generally follows the Master Plan and our new Airport Manager will be in place to facilitate it.

At a previous meeting and on the agenda, we referred to this workshop as a strategic planning meeting. It is not a formal Strategic Plan, but a workshop to bring the board together on some goals, within the airport's purpose, and inform the board where we should focus and what skills we will seek in a candidate to lead that process. 

To make the best use of our time, board members have been asked to submit ideas in advance.  The public is be invited to do the same:  

  • List two short term goals for the airport, something we can expect to do within one year.  As hiring a manager is already in the process you can omit this.
  • List two medium term goals, 1-3 years, things we need to be putting on our cities and our FAA CIP now.
  • List two long term goals, 3-10 years: where do we want to go?

Board Member Hunter has offered to gather our thoughts/lists and put them into a format for the workshop. Please email your ideas to her at by July 22nd.

Keep in mind the purpose of the board as stated in our bylaws: The purpose of the Airport Board will be to operate, maintain and improve the Auburn-Lewiston Municipal Airport, hereinafter called the "Airport"; and to plan, acquire facilities for, construct and operate as may be necessary to provide optimum air transportation service for Auburn, Lewiston and the surrounding area.  In addition, the purposes of the corporation shall be to foster, encourage, and assist the physical location, settlement, or resettlement of industrial, manufacturing, and other business enterprises at the Auburn-Lewiston Municipal Airport including the Airpark.

Our current Master Plan, done in 2006, is available on our website:


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