New sales and transfers are posted

  • November 01, 2018

We have updated the sales and transfers list to include sales through August 2018.

To see the list of updated sales and transfers, please visit the Assessing Page - click on ‘2018 Sales & Transfers’ in the left hand column or click here for a pdf: 2018 Sales

As always the list includes all sales and transfers. You will find good open market sales and real estate transfers with no (or low) consideration paid. Included in the list are: open market sales, private party sales, corrective deeds, family transfers, divorce transfers, package sales, inter-LLC transfers, foreclosures and more. Aggregate sales and transfers are highlighted in yellow on the spreadsheet.

While some sales and other types of transfers are not considered 'arms-length' our list does not report a finding whether any sale or transfer was an arms-length-transaction or not.

We compile the list of sales and transfers from the monthly State of Maine Transfer Tax Declarations. The Assessing Division regards the information to be correct, but does not certify the data. Any user of the sales and transfer list is responsible for their own verification of transfer terms and conditions.