2020 Auburn Business Canvas

  • February 13, 2020

City of Auburn - 2020 Personal Property Filing


The business personal property filing season is just around the corner, the following are general notices concerning the 2020 filing season.

BUSINESS CANVAS: Pursuant to Maine Law, §706-A, when requested by the Assessor, business owners are required to report a list of their business assets (personal property) they possessed as of April 1 of each tax year.

The City of Auburn Assessing Division conducts a canvas to identify businesses throughout the City and to assist business owners with their yearly filing (due on April 15, 2020). You may see one of the Assessing staff at your business location in February or early March. We are happy to answer your questions about how to file the required paperwork and about the tax relief programs your business may be eligible for.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for assistance with filing, to update your business details, or to report a new or closed business – please contact our office:

City of Auburn, Assessing Division

Phone: (207) 333-6601 – ask for Assessing

e-mail: assessing@auburnmaine.gov


FILING FORMS: We will be mailing paper copies of filing forms in early March. These forms will also be posted on our website in both pdf and excel formats.

TAX RELIEF PROGRAMS: Business owners who pay personal property taxes may be eligible for relief. There are two State of Maine property tax relief programs that are presently available:

1)     The Business Equipment Tax Exemption Program, aka “BETE” or “Betty”. This is a 100% exemption program for certain assets located at an eligible business. Non retail and businesses engaged in the sale of retail services are generally eligible for the BETE exemption for qualifying assets placed in service after April 1, 2007. Note that any assets that are eligible for BETE are ineligible for the BETR program. Retail sales businesses are not eligible for the BETE Exemption.

 2)     The Business Equipment Tax Reimbursement Program, aka “BETR” or “Better”. BETR is a tax refund program for qualifying businesses/assets.


For more information about the State’s personal property tax relief programs, follow this link: Maine Revenue Tax Relief