February Storywalk

  • February 10, 2020

The City of Auburn is pleased to announce the Storywalk for February: "The Community Lens: A Collection of works from Local Auburn Photographers." Each display along Auburn’s beautiful Riverwalk showcases work from: Sarah Joy, Claudette Letendre, Sam Williams, Corrie Bernatchez, and Courtney Maloney.

If you have an idea for a future Storywalk theme, please reach out to Sabrina Best, Auburn Recreation Director, at sbest@auburnmaine.gov or 333-6611.


In October of 2019, the City of Auburn, in collaboration with LA Arts, announced the completion of the delightful new “Storywalk” project along Auburn’s beautiful Riverwalk. The project includes eight durable display cases, which can be found between Festival Plaza and Bonney Park. They showcase different “art and culture” pieces each month. Residents and visitors of all ages are encouraged to take a monthly stroll along the Riverwalk to enjoy the displays which are changed monthly by the Auburn Recreation Department.