City-Wide Business Canvas

  • March 02, 2018

City of Auburn

2018 Business Personal Property Canvas

Its personal property season once again! Did you know that businesses in Maine are required to file a list of their business assets?

Each year the Assessing Office reaches out to the community in an effort to identify new businesses. We also check for businesses that may have closed.

If you own a new business or have never filed, please contact our office to discuss your account. We can help you with the initial filing and answer questions about any exemptions or refunds that you may qualify for.

When you provide us with a complete list of assets, we can properly assess those items. This assures that you pay no more taxes than required. If you do not file we are left to estimate your assets based on what a comparable business may own. Repeated non-filings result in “growth factors”, because we assume that you will purchase new equipment each year. It is very important that you file.

By filing you also retain your right to an appeal and are assured that we will depreciate those assets.

We plan to hit the streets beginning the first week of March. Help us find you by contacting this office. We can send you filing instructions or sit down with you at your place of business. We look forward to meeting you.

You can contact us in the Assessing Office

Check out our webpage with information on filing here:

Phone: (207) 333-6601 or e mail: